The best zaps to supercharge your sales process

Sales isn’t easy — and nor is it quick! It’s a time-consuming process that most businesses do manually. If you’re the sort of business that needs to start with hundreds (or more) prospects to find that single gem, then this is something your probably spending hours on each week.

Luckily, using Zapier, you can streamline your sales process at all its steps. Our latest blog post is full of practical ideas, including:

Prospecting: Whether your leads come from events, social media or from inquiries on your website you can use Zapier to pull those into one single place — like a Google Sheet or Airtable. It makes things a lot easier.

Qualifying: There is a great app called Clearbit that can make prospecting a manageable. Use Zapier to run your prospects through it, with qualifiers going directly into your CRM for followup.

Presenting: Save hours by building Google Slides presentations automatically — filling placeholders with data straight from your prospects spreadsheet and other sources.

Closing: Don’t waste time on contract signing. Apps like Signaturit can be connected with Zapier to generate automate contracts and signature requests with data from your CRM. And once signed, get a copy in Slack or saved to Google Drive/Dropbox.

@ Luhhu — We’re Zapier & IntegromatCertified Experts

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