How to work with a Zapier agency

The Zapier Experts certification badge.

If you’re automating your business with Zapier but need some expert guidance, working with a Zapier agency is a good choice.

While Zapier has always worked hard to make their tool as easy to use as possible, they also recognise that some companies will need help implementing automation. That’s why they created their Zapier Experts program to help match customers with Zapier agencies.

Luhhu has been a certified Zapier agency since 2018. We’d love to you to work with us if you’re seeking help with your zaps. Get in touch today.

Where to find a Zapier agency

The easiest place to find one is in the Zapier experts directory. You can view all certified agencies, see where they’re based, read a short description about them and click through to their website.

It’s also worth searching on Upwork and Fiverr as many certified agencies as well as freelance contractors are available through those platforms.

What advantages are there to working with a Zapier agency?

All Zapier agencies are have passed a certification test to be accredited as Zapier experts. Typically most agencies will have 3–5 years of experience working with Zapier and have a deep level of experience with process automation.

In addition, Zapier agencies have access to premier customer support on behalf of their client — usually receiving help in less than 24 hours and sometimes as quick as 2 hours.

Finally, Zapier agencies get resources and training on new features to make sure they’re up to date — and have their own section of the Zapier community to discuss issues and trade best practices and advice.

What can a Zapier agency help with?

It can be wise to work with a Zapier agency in two scenarios:

  • You’ve discovered Zapier, you want to start using it in your business (maybe you even have a little), but you’re aware that you don’t have the time or knowhow to learn how to use Zapier. Working with an agency means they can get to know your business and then quickly plan and build zaps that will be effective timesavers for your business.
  • You’re having problems with your zaps, or getting errors you don’t understand or know how to resolve. Chances are the agency you work with will have seen and fixed most issues dozens of times before — and where it’s a new issue, they’ll know how to troubleshoot, escalate and ultimately sort it.

How much does it cost to work with a Zapier agency?

Most certified Zapier agencies charge between $150 — $200/hour. Freelancers and contractors on marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr typically charge between $40 — $120/hour.

It’s also worth noting that while some agencies take on smaller projects, others have minimum purchase amounts and prefer to take on long term projects.

@ Luhhu — We’re Zapier & IntegromatCertified Experts

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