Zapier’s free plan

Zapier has a free plan — which is great — but it comes with some restrictions.

In the quest to automate some of your business processes, you’ve probably come across Zapier. The best part; Zapier offers a free plan to help you get set up. You can build and run some basic workflows to see if Zapier is right for you. However, the free plan offered by Zapier does not allow you to experience its full power.

Today, we look at some of the limitations on Zapier’s free plan and what you get access to when upgrading to a paid plan.

1. Limited number of zaps

Zapier allows users on their free plan to run only a limited number of Zaps…

Zapier for sales automation

Using Zapier to automate your sales process is a popular use case. We look at some companies doing it.

I use Zapier to send new leads to Podio CRM which immediately notifies me on the phone app as well.

Seller’s have time sensitive needs and thus, I need to know right away when they submit their information to sell a property. I make it a priority to call them immediately because they typically do not have time to wait.

I also have Zapier connected to my Facebook Lead Ads and other real estate apps such as Deal Machine. Additionally, some other investors want to buy my deals and I send them to another website to sign up for a…

IFTTT logo

IFTTT was one of the first tools to popularise the concept of app automation. Today it’s still relevant despite competition from other tools.

What is IFTTT?

If you’ve ever dabbled in automation, you’ve probably heard of IFTTT. Basically, it was the first platform that really developed around the concept. Other tools like Zapier and Integromat have surpassed it in popularity — particularly for businesses — consumer users, particularly those with an interest in smart home automation still make great use of it.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about IFTTT, from how much it costs to how to find an applet that works for you.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT — short for “If This, Then That” — is a multi-platform…

Zapier alternatives

Alongside Zapier there are a growing number of other automation tools on the market these days. Let’s take a look at the options.

Zapier is easily the most popular, and certainly one of the best, automation platforms on the web.

But it’s not the only one.

In this post, we’ll cover nine of the top Zapier alternatives (both free and paid-for) to try in 2020 and beyond. In this list, you’ll find accessible, niche, and parallel alternatives so that you can identify the option that best suits your needs.

Let’s get into it!

Top 9 Zapier alternatives

Premium apps listed on the Zapier website.

Zapier designates some of their apps as premium, reserving them for paid plans only.

Zapier is a platform that helps people automate processes in their businesses by connecting various apps together in steps controlled by conditional logic of ‘if this then that’. On Zapier, you have free apps and premiums apps. What is the difference?

Zapier’s free apps are ones that you can use in on any Zapier plan, including their free plan. On the other hand, Zapier premium apps are apps that you can only use in the Zapier paid plans.

To understand further, Zapier has 5 plans; Free, Starter, Professional, Team, and Company. The free plan gives you a glimpse into what…

The logo

Parabola is one of the newer automation tools to make waves. Focussed on making datasets easier to work with — we take a deeper look.

Positioned as a no-code, browser-based “drag-and-drop productivity tool”, Parabola is similar to other automation platforms like Zapier and Integromat — with a key difference. Parabola is designed to streamline data-heavy tasks, primarily in the worlds of eCommerce, sales and marketing.

If you’ve got complicated eCommerce inventory spreadsheets, or you’re struggling to keep up with custom CRM reports, then Parabola can help you out.

What can you automate with

Parabola’s core strength lies in formatting, combining and moving datasets between different apps. …

The logo

n8n is a “free, open-source, self-hosted workflow automation tool.” In simple terms? It’s an app that integrates with other apps, to automate processes between them.

At quick glance, you see “automation tool” and think “well I’ve heard of a few of those”. Indeed, Zapier is the most well known of all the automation tools, while Integromat has cemented itself as the primary alternative — but both are closed, cloud-based products with a premium price tag.

But, open-source and self-hosted — that’s where n8n comes in doing things differently. Why it matters — we’ll get to that later — but for now, know that n8n is the newest automation tool and is gaining serious traction and the start of a cult following.

The basics of n8n?

Say you want a…

It used to be that automation was limited to factory floors and robot product lines. Now, automating business tasks is sweeping across every market — and fast!

This article was originally published by me over on Capiche.

In 2020, just about everyone has used — or at least heard of — apps like Zapier, IFTTT, and Integromat, or at least used built-in automation tools and workflow builders inside apps like Slack. For many businesses, automation is a non-optional investment. If they want to compete in their industry, then automation is a must.

But how did we get there? How exactly…

The Zapier Experts certification badge.

If you’re automating your business with Zapier but need some expert guidance, working with a Zapier agency is a good choice.

While Zapier has always worked hard to make their tool as easy to use as possible, they also recognise that some companies will need help implementing automation. That’s why they created their Zapier Experts program to help match customers with Zapier agencies.

Luhhu has been a certified Zapier agency since 2018. We’d love to you to work with us if you’re seeking help with your zaps. Get in touch today.

Where to find a Zapier agency

The easiest place to find one is in the…

Sales isn’t easy — and nor is it quick! It’s a time-consuming process that most businesses do manually. If you’re the sort of business that needs to start with hundreds (or more) prospects to find that single gem, then this is something your probably spending hours on each week.

Luckily, using Zapier, you can streamline your sales process at all its steps. Our latest blog post is full of practical ideas, including:

Prospecting: Whether your leads come from events, social media or from inquiries on your website you can use Zapier to pull those into one single place — like…

Andrew Davison

@ Luhhu — We’re Zapier & IntegromatCertified Experts

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